What Parents Are Saying

3 girls rock on a playground toy“St. Vincent’s Preschool is a magical place! Our children have wonderful memories of their time there!”

– Alicia Stendard, St. Vincent’s parent and local Kindergarten teacher


“I first encountered St. Vincent’s Preschool as a therapist providing services for a student there, and having been to over a dozen area preschools, thought so highly of St. Vincent’s that I was willing to drive from West Guilderland so my own child could attend.  Staff consistency is a luxury in the preschool field, and St. Vincent’s has been amazing in this respect! A nice facility with a large, bright classroom surrounded by windows on 3 sides…now I’m waiting for my youngest to be old enough to attend!”

– Steve Andreski, St. Vincent’s parent and occupational therapist

kids wearing smocks paint tall pole blue

“St. Vincent’s preschool is like heaven on earth. I enrolled my 3-year-old son here almost 14 years ago and have since sent my following four children and never looked anywhere else. The teachers are exemplary: Sarah, with her extraordinary compassion and cuddling; Eileen, with her creative curriculum and concern for every child ‘s development; and now Natalie, with her individualized attention and patience. It is difficult to find three people who love your child like he or she were their own. A sure sign of preschool success, in my opinion, is that your child loves attending school and is ready for kindergarten. Overwhelmingly, that has been my experience. Thank you, St. Vincent’s!”

– Dr. Ann Zak, St. Vincent’s parent and professor of psychology at The College of St. Rose


“Saint Vincent’s Preschool was the best experience for my children. In a beautiful creative space, the children learned and grew through play, creativity, and joy. What a wonderful introduction it gave them to enter school with the tools to value friendship and learning! I cannot speak more highly of the dedication and caring of Eileen, Sarah and the teachers at St Vincent’s Preschool!”

– Loretta Castagna, St. Vincent’s parent and local artist


“St. Vincent’s holds a special place in our hearts. What a warm, wonderful and nurturing place it proved to be for our kids.”

– Amy Biancolli, St. Vincent’s parent, playwright, and former Times-Union movie critic/arts writer


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